Bird Videos - Bhutan


Bhutan is a very mountainous country tucked between China and India.  The country is beautiful, the people friendly, and the birding infrastructure limited but well developed. 

I have posted a general video of the country, which includes several mammal and bird species, in the Travel Videos From Around The World portfolio.  It is entitled, Bhutan Overview.

This material was recorded during November 2016.  This compilation covers 144 species. 

Several blog posts about my visit to Bhutan and Nepal have been made on the Journeys of Bob Barnes blog.



PHOTOGRAPHED (P - Pictured in the Birds of Bhutan Photo Gallery)

Accentor, Alpine (P) (V)

Accentor, Rufous-breasted (V) (P)

Babbler, Rufous-capped (V) (P)

Barbet, Blue-throated (V) (P)

Barbet, Great (V) (P)

Barwing, Hoary-throated (P) (V)

Barwing, Rusty-fronted (P) (V)

Bee-Eater, Blue-bearded (P) (V)

Bulbul, Ashy (P) (V)

Bulbul, Black-crested (P) (V)

Bulbul, Himalayan Black (P) (V)

Bulbul, Mountain (P) (V)

Bulbul, Red-vented (P) (V)

Bulbul, Striated (P) (V)

Bushchat, Grey (P) (V)

Buzzard, Himalayan (P) (V)

Canary-Flycatcher, Grey-headed

   (P) (V)

Chough, Red-billed (P) (V)

Cormorant, Great (P) (V)

Crake, Black-tailed (P) (V)

Crane, Black-necked (P) (V)

Crossbill, Red (P) (V)

Crow, Large-billed (P) (V)

Cuckoo-Dove, Barred (P) (V)

Dipper, Brown (V) (P)

Dove, Oriental Turtle (V) (P)

Dove, Rock (Rock Pigeon) (P) (V)

Drongo, Ashy (P) (V)

Drongo, Bronzed (P) (V)

Drongo, Lesser Racket-tailed (P) (V)

Eagle, Black (P)

Eagle, Booted (P) (V)

Erpornis, White-bellied (P) (V)

Fantail, Yellow-bellied (P) (V)

Finch, Crimson-browed (P) (V)

Flowerpecker, Plain (P) (V)

Flycatcher, Verditer (P) (V)

Forktail, Little (P) (V)

Forktail, Slaty-backed (P) (V)

Forktail, Spotted (P) (V)

Fulvetta, Nepal (P) (V)

Fulvetta, Rufous-winged (P) (V)

Fulvetta, White-browed (P) (V)

Fulvetta, Yellow-throated (P) (V)

Gadwall (P) (V)

Goshawk, Northern (P) (V)

Greenfinch, Himalayan (P) (V)

Green-Pigeon, Wedge-tailed (P) (V)

Griffon (Vulture), Himalayan (P) (V)

Hawk-Eagle, Mountain (P) (V)

Heron, White-bellied (P) (V)

Honeyguide, Yellow-rumped (P) (V)

Hoopoe, Common (P) (V)

Hornbill, Rufous-necked (P) (V)

Ibisbill (V) (P)

Kestrel, Common (P) (V)

Kingfisher, Crested (P) (V)

Lapwing, Red-wattled (P) (V)

Lapwing, River (P) (V)

Laughingthrush, Black-faced (P) (V)

Laughingthrush, Chestnut-crowned

   (P) (V)

Laughingthrush, Rufous-chinned

  (P) (V)

Laughingthrush, Rufous-necked

   (P) (V)

Laughingthrush, Striated (P) (V)

Laughingthrush, White-crested

   (P) (V)

Laughingthrush, White-throated

   (P) (V)

Leafbird, Orange-bellied (P) (V)

Magpie, Eurasian (P) (V)

Magpie-Robin, Oriental (P) (V)

Minivet, Grey-chinned (P) (V)

Minivet, Long-tailed (P) (V)

Minivet, Scarlet (P) (V)

Minla, Red-tailed (P) (V)

Monal, Himalayan (P) (V)

Munia, Scaly-breasted (V) (P)

Myna, Common (P) (V)

Nutcracker, Spotted (V) (P)

Nuthatch, Beautiful (V) (P)

Nuthatch, Chestnut-bellied (V) (P)

Owlet, Asian Barred (V) (P)

Parrotbill, Brown (P) (V)

Parrotbill, Great (P) (V)

Parrotbill, Grey-headed (P) (V)

Parrotbill, White-breasted (P) (V)

Pheasant, Blood (P) (V)

Pheasant, Kalij (P)

Pigeon, Snow (P) (V)

Pipit, Olive-backed (P) (V)

Pochard, Common (P) (V)

Pochard, Ferruginous (P) (V)

Redstart, Blue-fronted (P) (V)

Hodgson’s Redstart (P) (V)

Redstart, White-throated (P) (V)

Rock-Thrush, Blue (P) (V)

Rock-Thrush, Chestnut-bellied

  1. (P)(V)

  2. Rosefinch, Himalayan Beautiful

   (P) (V)

Rosefinch, Himalayan

   White-browed (P) (V)

Sandpiper, Common (P) (V)

Scimitar-Babbler, Rusty-cheeked

   (P) (V)

Scimitar-Babbler, White-browed

   (P) (V)

Serpent-Eagle, Crested (P) (V)

Shelduck, Ruddy (P) (V)

Shrike, Grey-backed (P) (V)

Shrike, Long-tailed (P) (V)

Shrike-Babbler, Black-eared (P) (V)

Sibia, Rufous (P) (V)

Sparrow, Cinnamon (P) (V)

Sparrow, Eurasian Tree (P) (V)

Spiderhunter, Streaked (P) (V)

Stonechat, Siberian (P) (V)

Sunbird, Green-tailed (P) (V)

Tesia, Chestnut-headed (P) (V)

Tailorbird, Common (P) (V)

Thrush, Alpine (P) (V)

Thrush, Black-throated (P) (V)

Tit, Black-spotted Yellow (P) (V)

Tit, Green-backed (P) (V)

Tit, Rufous-vented (P) (V)

Tit, Sultan (P) (V)

Tit, Yellow-browed (P) (V)

Treecreeper, Sikkim (Brown-

   throated) (P (V)

Treecreeper, Rusty-flanked (P) (V)

Treepie, Grey (V) (P)

Trogon, Red-headed (P) (V)

Trogon, Ward’s (P) (V)

Wagtail, White (V) (P)

Wallcreeper (P) (V)

Warbler, Black-faced (P) (V)

Warbler, Broad-billed (P) (V)

Warbler, Grey-hooded (P) (V)

Warbler, Yellow-bellied (P) (V)

Water-Redstart, Plumbeous (V) (P)

Water-Redstart, White-capped

   (V) (P)

Whistling-Thrush, Blue (V) (P)

White-Eye, Oriental (P) (V)

Woodpecker, Fulvous-breasted

   Pied (V) (P)

Woodpecker, Grey-capped Pygmy

   (V) (P)

Woodpecker, Grey-faced (V) (P)

Woodpecker, Streak-throated

  (V) (P)

Wren-Babbler, Scaly-breasted

   (V) (P)

Yellownape, Lesser (V) (P)

Yuhina, Black-chinned (V) (P)

Yuhina, Rufous-vented (V) (P)

Yuhina, Stripe-throated (V) (P)

Yuhina, White-naped (V) (P)

Yuhina, Whiskered (V) (P)

A Land of Mountain tops, Ridges, and narrow valleys