Bird Videos - Chile

Our videos are hosted on Vimeo.  To visit our portfolio of clips of individual species in Chile visit: The Birds of Chile.  To view video of individual species follow the links to the right.  The average length of individual videos is two minutes.  Some clips contain footage from multiple countries - in which case it is documented in the clip.


FULL LENGTH PRESENTATIONS:  If you are interested in these individual videos you may also be interested in these full length features:

  1. Birding Chile - North of Santiago - Volume One

  2. Birding Chile - North of Santiago - Volume Two

  3. Birding Chile - North of Santiago - Volume Three




Avocet, Andean

Blackbird, Austral

Booby, Peruvian

Canastero, Cordilleran

Caracara, Chimango

Chilia, Crag

Cinclodes, Chilean Seaside

Cinclodes, Dark-bellied

Conebill, Cinereous

Coot, Giant

Coot, Horned

Coot, Red-fronted

Coot, Red-gartered

Coot, White-winged

Cormorant, Red-legged

Diuca-Finch, Common

Dove, Pacific

Duck, Andean

Duck, Crested

Duck, Torrent

Earthcreeper, Straight-billed

Elaenia, White-crested

Falcon, Aplomado

Flamingo, Andean

Flamingo, Chilean

Flamingo, Puna

Gallinule, Spot-flanked

Goose, Andean

Grebe, Silvery

Grebe, White-tufted

Ground-Dove, Bare-faced

Ground-Dove, Black-winged

Ground-Dove, Croaking

Ground-Dove, Golden-spotted

Ground-Tyrant, Dark-faced

Ground-Tyrant, Ochre-naped

Ground-Tyrant, Rufous-naped

Gull, Andean

Gull, Belcher’s

Gull, Franklin’s

Gull, Grey

Gull, Kelp

Hummingbird, Oasis

Kestrel, American

Meadowlark, Long-tailed

Miner, Common

Mockingbird, Chilean

Night-Heron, Black-crowned

Owl, Burrowing

Oystercatcher, American

Oystercatcher, Blackish

Pelican, Peruvian

Penguin, Humboldt

Phalarope, Wilson’s

Plover, Puna


Sandpiper, Baird’s

Sandpiper, Pectoral

Seed-Snipe, Grey-breasted

Shoveler, Red

Shrike-Tyrant, Great

Sierra-Finch, Ash-breasted

Sierra-Finch, Band-tailed

Sierra-Finch, Black-hooded

Sierra-Finch, Grey-hooded

Sierra-Finch, Mourning

Sierra-Finch, White-throated

Siskin, Hooded


Swan, Black-necked

Tapaculo, White-throated

Teal, Speckled

Thrush, Austral

Tinamou, Chilean

Tinamou, Puna

Tit-Spinetail, Plain-mantled

Tit-Tyrant, Tufted

Turca, Moustached

Turnstone, Ruddy


Yellow-Finch, Greenish

Yellowlegs, Lesser

Birding Chile -

North of Santiago

Volumes 1 & 2

Duration: 1 Hr. 59 min.

Species in order of appearance

Chilean Flamingo

Giant Coot

Andean Goose

Black-crowned Night-Heron

Silvery Grebe


Puna Tinamou

Speckled Teal

Crested Duck

Common Miner

Andean Gull


Andean Flicker

Cordilleran Canastero

Puna Teal

White-throated Sierra-Finch

Straight-billed Earthcreeper

Rufous-naped Ground-Tyrant

Wilson’s Phalarope

Ash-breasted Sierra-Finch

Baird’s Sandpiper

Andean Duck

Torrent Duck

Mourning Sierra-Finch

Black-hooded Sierra -Finch

Band-tailed Sierra Finch

Bare-faced Ground-Dove

Hooded Siskin

Greenish Yellow-Finch

Croaking Ground-Dove

Vermillion Flycatcher

Pacific Dove

Cinerous Conebill

Oasis Hummingbird


Blackish Oystercatcher

Ruddy Turnstone

Band-tailed Gull

Franklin’s Gull

Grey Gull

Pectoral Sandpiper

Greater Yellowlegs

American Kestrel

Common Moorhen

Rufous-collared Sparrow

Andean Avocet

Andean Flamingo

Puna Flamingo

Puna Plover

Horned Coot

Ochre-naped Ground-Tyrant

Golden-spotted Ground-Dove

Burrowing Owl

Eared Dove

Chiguanco Thrush

Peruvian Penguin

Peruvian Booby

Peruvian Pelican

Kelp Gull

Chilean Seaside Cinclodes

Red-legged Cormorant


Turkey Vulture

American Oystercatcher

Black-bellied Plover


Long-tailed Meadowlark

Picui Ground-Dove

Shiny Cowbird

Chilean Mockingbird

Common Diuca-Finch

Giant Hummingbird

Moustached Turca

Plain-mantled Tit-Spinetail

Grey-hooded Sierra-Finch

Birding Chile -

North of Santiago

Volume 3

Duration: 54 min.

Species in order of appearance

Aplomado Falcon

Austral Blackbird

Rufous-collared Sparrow

Chilean Mockingbird

Plumbeous Rail

Eared Dove

Common Diuca-Finch

Great Shrike-Tyrant

Greater Yellowlegs

Chimango Caracara

Common Miner

Long-tailed Meadowlark

Chilean Tinamou

White-throated Tapaculo

Moustached Turca

White-winged Coot

Spot-flanked Gallinule

Great Egret

Southern Lapwing

Kelp Gull

Neotropic Cormorant

Dark-faced Ground-Tyrant

Chilean Seaside Cincloides

House Sparrow

White-crested Elaenia

Picui Ground-Dove

Austral Thrush

Tufted Tit-Tyrant

Cattle Egret

Franklin’s Gull

Black-winged Stilt

Lesser Yellowlegs

Black-necked Swan

Red-gartered Coot

White-tufted Grebe

Red-fronted Coot

Yellow-winged Blackbird

Yellow-billed Pintail

Red Shoveler

Crag Chilia

Dark-bellied Cincloides

Grey-hooded Sierra-Finch

Grey-breasted Seed-Snipe

Rufous-naped Ground-Tyrant

Black-winged Ground-Dove