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Bird Videos - World: A listing of individual species depicted.

Bird Videos - Australia

Bird Videos - Belize and Guatemala

Bird Videos - Bhutan

Bird Videos - Brazil

Bird Videos - Canada and the United States of America

Bird Videos - Chile

Bird Videos - Costa Rica

Bird Videos - Ecuador

Bird Videos - India

Bird Videos - Indonesia

Bird Videos - Mexico

Bird Videos - Panama

Bird Videos - Peru

Bird Videos - Singapore

Bird Videos - Sri Lanka

Bird Videos - Trinidad & Tobago

Bird Videos - Venezuela


Birds of Arizona, USA

Birds of Australia

Birds of Belize & Guatemala

Birds of Bhutan

Birds of Brazil

Birds of California, USA

Birds of Canada & Alaska, USA

Birds of Chile

Birds of Colorado, Utah, & Nevada USA

Birds of Costa Rica

Birds of Ecuador

Birds of Europe

Birds of Hawaii

Birds of India

Birds of Louisiana, USA

Birds of Maryland & Virginia, USA

Birds of Mexico

Birds of Bhutan

Birds of New Mexico A - M

Birds of New Mexico N - Z

Birds of the Black Range, New Mexico

Birds of North Dakota, USA

Birds of Panama

Birds of Peru

Birds of Oregon, USA

Birds of Sri Lanka

Birds of Tennessee, USA

Birds of Texas, USA

Birds of Trinidad & Tobago

Birds of Venezuela

Birds of Washington, USA

Birds of Wyoming, Montana, & Idaho, USA


Drawings of the World’s Birds (Portal)

Birds of the World - In Drawings - A to B

Birds of the World - in Drawings - C

Birds of the World - in Drawings - D to - F

Birds of the World - in Drawings - G -

I have accumulated a significant inventory of photographs and video over the years.  Most of this material reflects my interest in natural history.  This site provides access to much of that material and to my personal blog, The Journeys of Bob Barnes.  Material I have produced about the Black Range of New Mexico, resides in the galleries of the Black Range Rag website.  Links to specific galleries on that site are shown in this color.

Feel free to peruse the galleries and feel free to use the material in any way that does not profit you or someone else - either directly or indirectly.  If you wish to use some of this material commercially you may contact me at  I generally consider non-profits which pay salaries to officers to be commercial ventures and those entities are required to obtain written permission to use this material - just like any other commercial venture.




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