Foods and Markets of the World


When I travel I tend to focus on natural history and not the cultural history of the locale which I am visiting.  When I remember, I try to sample the local food offerings.  Staying away from the places mentioned in guide books, I tend to focus on the local eateries, markets, and fruit and vegetable stands.  The following pages reflect that orientation.

  1. FOODS

  1. BulletBeef

  2. BulletBitter Gourd

  3. Bullet Chai

  4. Bullet Chard

  5. Bullet Chicken

  6. Bullet Chili

  7. Bullet Coffee

  8. Bullet Corn

  9. Bullet Cucumber

  10. Bullet Dates

  11. Bullet Chicken Eggs

  12. Bullet Guava

  13. Bullet Hyacinth Bean

  14. Bullet Lima (Sweet Lime)

  15. Bullet Maple Syrup

  16. Bullet Mate de Coca

  17. Bullet Passionfruit

  18. Bullet Pomegranate

  19. Bullet Prickly Pear Tunas

  20. Bullet Tamarillo or Tree Tomato

  21. Bullet Tomatillo

  22. Bullet Watermelon

  23. BulletYak Butter Tea

  24. Bullet Zucchini


Photographs from markets in the USA, the Czech Republic, Italy, Singapore, Mexico, Peru, Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador, Spain, Bhutan, Nepal, and India.


A Few of the Foods I have Experienced...