Historical topics


The pages of this section contain photographs and video of the locations and artifacts of human history.  Frankly, it is an intermediate page which serves to accommodate navigation of a huge amount of material.  There is, by its very nature, confusion around when material should be in this section or in one of the “location” sections....

Rock Art.  Before the main European incursion into the Americas, there were people doing art on rock surfaces throughout the United States.  The terms used to describe rock art vary but generally there are two types of pictograms (images on rock): petroglyphs which are rock carvings, generally in the American Southwest, desert varnish is chiseled off to reveal a lighter undersurface; and petrographs, which are drawings made on rocks.

Early Sites:  Photo galleries from sites earlier than 1900.  Includes substantial pottery and artifact collections.


the Locations and Artifacts of Human History