Mexico, Central, and South America


Where to put Mexico?  By definition, Mexico is part of North America but, for whatever reason, it often gets left off the list.  So where do you put this wonderful country.  I bow to the old term of “Latin America” and include Brazil and the Caribbean for good mix.  This section of material deals with the countries south of the United States.


Ecuador - Antisana Region (Mountains)

Ecuador - Antisana Region (Sheep)

Mexico - Oaxaca Mexico, Day of the Dead

Mexico - The Yucatan Peninsula & Chiapas


Brazil: This photo gallery contains material from the Pantanal, a huge seasonally flooded wetlands, the Chapada dos Guimarães (highlands north of the Pantanal), the southern Amazon, and the Atlantic Rainforest. 

Costa Rica and Panama: Photographs from the southern part of Central America.

Mexico - General:  Those photographs not included in other galleries, including material from the Yucatán.

Mexico - Chihuahua:  Photographs from Paquimé, San Ignacio de Arareco, Cueva de la Olla, and Hacienda de San Diego.

Mexico - Chihuahua (Copper Canyon):  Photographs from San Ignacio de Arareco, Creel, Divisadero, the Canyon, and the ride on the El Chepe train.

Mexico - Chiapas/Agua Azul:  Photographs from Chiapas, Agua Azul, and Cascada de Misol-Há. 

Mexico - Chiapas Ruins:  Photographs from Palenque and Bonampak.

Mexico - Sinaloa:  Photographs from El Fuerte.

Mexico - Southern Mayan Ruins:  Photographs of Mayan ruins at Chicanná, Becán, Xpuhil, Balamku, and El Hormiguero.

Mexico - Northern Mayan Ruins:  Photographs of Mayan ruins at Edzná, Uxmal, and Chichén Itzá.

Mexico - Campeche City:  Photographs from this great coastal city.

Peru:  Photographs from the southeast.


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