rock art


Before the main European incursion into the Americas, there were people doing art on rock surfaces throughout the United States.  The terms used to describe rock art vary but generally there are two types of pictograms (images on rock): petroglyphs which are rock carvings, generally in the American Southwest, desert varnish is chiseled off to reveal a lighter undersurface; and petrographs, which are drawings made on rocks.  There are examples of both types of rock art in the following galleries.  Links in this color, are to pages on the Black Range Rag, which I also maintain.

Rock Art - Vernal, Utah Area:  Much of the rock art found in the Vernal, Utah (USA) area is credited to the Fremont Indians.  Please visit Fremont and Barrier Canyon Rock Art for additional information on this topic.  Images from sites at Dinosaur National Monument (in the Utah section) and at the McConkie Ranch (dated between 100 and 100 CE) are depicted in this gallery.

Rock Art - Sand Island, Utah:  This petroglyph site is west of Bluff in the southeastern part of Utah, USA.

Rock Art - Parowan Gap, Utah:  Photographs from this site in southwestern Utah.

Rock Art - Nevada:  Images in this gallery were taken at Hickison Petroglyphs Recreation Site in north-central Nevada and at the Valley of Fire State Park in the southern part of the state. 

Rock Art - Colorado:  Pictographs and petroglyphs from the Canyon Pintado National Historic District.

Rock Art - Petroglyph and El Moro National Monuments:  Petroglyph National Monument, with multiple sites, is just outside Albuquerque, New Mexico.  El Moro, the site of Inscription Rock, is about two hours west of Albuquerque.

Rock Art - Three Rivers:  This site is located 17 miles north of Tularosa, New Mexico and covers most of a low ridge.

Rock Art - Hueco Tanks and Seminole Canyon:  Both of these sites are in Texas State Parks and have exquisite petrographs.

Rock Art - Arizona:  Photographs from Painted Rock Petroglyph Site, Arizona, USA.

Rock Art of the Black Range, New Mexico:  Photographs maintained on the Black Range Rag.

Rock Art - New Mexico - Small Sites:  Many locations only have a few glyphs, including the Dragonfly Trail.

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