Sometimes travel can be incredibly boring, on a commercial airliner or a bus for instance, sometimes it can be quite exciting.  The conveyances which get us from there to here, and vice versa, are the topic of these galleries.

Aircraft and Aircraft Art:  I took my first flight when I was eleven years old, on a Super Constellation - four engines and three tails.  Since that time I have flown to many places, sometimes for pleasure, sometimes for work, sometimes for grief.  The cattle cars which pass for commercial airliners these days are a far cry from the early days when there was room to move, real food, and great service - I guess that is what deregulation gets you.  In any case, I never pass up a chance to visit an aircraft museum and the art which is sometimes painted on the sides of aircraft has a real fascination for me.

Trains, Cars, Rockets...: In many ways, this set of galleries is an adjunct to the Aircraft and Aircraft Art galleries.  The forms of the objects, some shiny with gloss, some covered with rust, all with the promise of motion, of activity, full of the dreams and abuses of the past and the promise of the future.


Getting there from here