Travel should be done slowly, it should be relished and savored, absorbed and mulled.  These photographs and videos have been taken over the course of many years and result from a prolonged joy.

Asia, Australia, and Oceania:  Material from Australia, Hawaii, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, and Bhutan

Canada: Photo galleries which span the east, west, and north coast of this huge and beautiful country.

Europe: Photo galleries of Austria, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Gibraltar...

Mexico, Central, and South America:  These photo and video galleries cover some of my travels in these locals.

Singapore Tourist:  A video depicting some of the sights, both natural and cultural of Singapore.

United States - East:  The Plains States and east in the United States.

United States - West:  The Rockies and west in the United States (photos and video).

Foods and Markets of the World:  Travel is often about what you eat.


slowly, so slowly...